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Service and maintenance

Our experts are by your side after the design and installation to do everything they can to extend your infrastructure’s life cycle and keep your electrical system running.

Preventive maintenance leads to a healthy infrastructure

Unexpected power outages have significant consequences. That’s why we take a proactive approach to prevent problems before they happen.

In specific terms, our experts will assist you with... 


  • … remote monitoring
  • … preventive maintenance and measurements
  • … legal audits and inspections
  • … detecting issues through health checks
  • … identifying the locations of cable faults and cable diagnostics
  • … repair or renovation of installations
  • … technical management and monitoring of medium- or high-voltage installations


We also offer you…


  • … 24/7 service and rapid response
  • … in-house expertise for customized solutions
  • … quality and safety assurance

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Through our company DSG, we provide more services.

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