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Temporary industrial power supply rental

Whether you need a temporary or back-up supply, remotely or on site, we provide power right where you need it.

A rental solution tailored to your infrastructure

If your company is struggling with a structural energy deficit or you need a back-up in case you suffer breakdowns, power outages or require maintenance, our combined expertise allows us to think beyond your initial request. 



We analyse what your site really needs and create a sustainable, customised solution.


You can hire…


       … the required amount of energy




       Battery containers

       … security of optimal power supply



       Switchgear containers

       Frequency converters

       … cables and accessories



In addition to the necessary equipment, we also offer...


  • … 24/7 service and rapid response
  • … in-house expertise for customized solutions
  • … quality and safety assurance


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Through our company Gens Rental, we provide more services.

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When power becomes smart.
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