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Industrial energy supply for your infrastructure

Regardless of your project’s complexity or size, our experts provide a complete, sustainable and reliable solution to meet your energy needs.

From low, medium and high voltage to connection of own energy sources

Want to expand your energy infrastructure with a medium- or high-voltage installation? Or provide your own energy sources, such as wind turbines, solar panels, battery installations or turbines, with the necessary metering and switch controls to connect to the grid? 


Whether you want to expand or update your business site, a secure and operational infrastructure is our priority. 

In specific terms, our experts will assist you with...

  • … electrical engineering

  • … medium- and high-voltage cabins (prefabricated and in-house installations)

  • … shore power installations (MW)

  • … individual transformers and switchgear cabins (customised or standard)

  • … commissioning and certification


What’s more, our turnkey approach encompasses your entire energy project, from design to commissioning. from design to commissioning.


If you prefer to go the extra mile and want to future-proof your infrastructure, our engineers also offer custom solutions for cogeneration (CHP), an optimised microgrid or efficient energy storage. 



We also offer you…


  • … 24/7 service and rapid response
  • … in-house expertise for customized solutions
  • … quality and safety assurance


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Through our company DSG, we provide more services.

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